It is vital to us at Urbis Design that we have environmental responsibility at the core of our business.

Concrete is usually seen as negative in this respect, due to the high energy input during cement manufacture. This can be the case where concrete is cast in a large mass, and large amounts of cement are required.

But GRC uses far less cement, since the special glass fibres distributed throughout the mix form a stiffening matrix that greatly increases the strength of the material, allowing for only 10-15% of the cement use that would be needed in a conventional poured concrete item. The resultant much lower energy requirement for GRC items is an important element in its environmental credentials.

With lighter weights come reduced handling costs, and the lifespan of the material means repair or replacement periods are greatly extended, again saving energy.

At our workshop we are proud of our biomass Windhager boiler which uses locally sourced wood from the Halifax estates to supply our heating. Our water supply comes from a rainwater harvesting system fed from our workshop roof.