Rectangular Trough

Planter & Waterbowl

Rectangular Trough in various sizes are an attractive and practical way to enhance any outdoor living space. Their classic rectangular shape is perfect for modern and contemporary gardens, and their size makes them ideal for a variety of planting purposes. The troughs available in several colours to match any outdoor décor. The planters are also weatherproof and will look great for years to come.

Available sizes

  • Rectangular Trough 110
    110cm length
    40cm width
    60cm high

  • Rectangular Trough 130
    130cm length
    50cm width
    70cm high

  • Rectangular Trough 150
    150cm length
    60cm width
    80cm high


  • Standard Texture Standard Texture
  • Etched (Texture) Etched (Texture)
  • Ground (Texture) Ground (Texture)
  • Smooth (Texture) Smooth (Texture)
  • White White
  • Dolomite White Dolomite White
  • Limestone Limestone
  • Cool Sandstone Cool Sandstone
  • Warm Sandstone Warm Sandstone
  • Terrain Terrain
  • Concrete Grey Concrete Grey
  • Slate Slate
  • Umber Umber
  • Rusty Rusty
  • Verdigris Verdigris

Care advice

Once you have taken delivery of your Urbis Planter, there are some simple steps you need to take to ensure it stays looking beautiful. – Take the wrapping off your planter as soon as possible. Don’t leave it out in the rain with its wrapping on. Occasionally wet wrapping materials can mark the surface of the planters. Otherwise store it in a dry place until you are ready to plant up. Always store your Urbis planters on their bases! – All our planters are protected with a special coating which helps stop staining. If you do need to wipe down your planter just use water and a soft cloth to clean any excess debris and dirt from your planter. Be extra careful when cleaning metal surfaces not to scrub.

Care of your Urbis Water Bowl:

– If your water bowl is a still water bowl, then you need to give it a spring-clean every year, removing any excess algae, duckweed and dead leaves or flowers. Take precautions throughout the summer months by adding oxygenating plants and water snails to reduce algae. Cover two thirds of the surface with water lilies or other aquatic plants to maintain good water quality. This will help prevent any excessive build-up of algae. - In the summer months make sure to keep the water level up to the rim. Topping up little and often is best. – In the winter months, drain down by a third the water in your bowl. This will stop potential cracking of the rim if the water freezes completely and ice starts to push up under the rim.  

Care of Urbis Rusty and Verdigris finishes:

- When you first receive your Rusty or Verdigris planter you may notice a fine powdery surface is present. This is completely normal and is called the ‘bloom’. When we produce a metal finish we apply actual metal particulate which is bonded to the surface. We then speed up the ageing process to create either the Rusty or Verdigris by using a chemical patina which starts the reaction and rapidly ages the surface. A fine powder forms which will gradually wash off and the planter will weather with the seasons. We wash the planters down to minimise the bloom but water and rain will also assist in the process. If you find the bloom is too much, they can be washed down with normal water. Don’t pressure wash or scrub at the planters’ surface. The same applies if they get any debris on them, wash down with water – no scrubbing needed. Our planters are all hand finished and the surface will always be changing as it’s ‘live’, there will be lots of variation and no two planters will be exactly the same. They will all take on their own character over the years.

Terms & conditions

We are Urbis Design Ltd. We are a limited company trading from Full Sutton Industrial Estate, Full Sutton, York, YO41 1HS, UK. We make by hand and offer for sale a large range of garden planters which you can view either on our website, or from our brochure.

Placing an Order:

You can place an order by calling us on (01759-373839), emailing us at: [email protected] or writing to us at the above address. We will confirm your order in writing and send it to you either by post or email. Once we confirm the order, then a contract is formed between us.


Payment may be made by cheque or BACS. Full payment is required upon ordering the goods. We will not commence work on your order, until we receive the payment in full. Any delay with payment will have an impact upon delivery times causing lead times to be increased.


We do our best to ensure that any description in our brochure or on the website is accurate. However, due to the nature of the goods we manufacture and supply there may well be certain changes or differences between what is advertised and what you receive. This is due to the nature of the material we use.


You may cancel your order if you give us 7 days notice, from the date you order. If you are purchasing as a consumer this does not affect your statutory rights under the distance selling regulations. If you cancel your order after or part way through us manufacturing the goods we will charge you a 30% restocking fee.


We will give you a 3 Year warranty on the goods we sell to you provided the planters are used within normal planting conditions as detailed on the care sheets. If there is a defect in your goods which is due to faulty workmanship, we will either repair or replace the item in question at our discretion. If the defect is not due to our workmanship then any charges incurred for delivery and repair must be paid for by you.


We will arrange delivery of the goods to your curb side address. We will tell you when we are likely to deliver the goods and you must make sure someone is there to take delivery. We will estimate a delivery time when you order, but if we cannot for some reason, we will inform you. If we cannot supply the goods due to an act outside our control, we will inform you as well. If when you receive the goods there are items missing or damaged, you must notify us at the time we deliver. Please check the delivery when it arrives and ensure that it matches your order. We cannot accept mistakes notified at a later date. Once we have delivered the goods to you, you will have deemed to have accepted them. If there are problems with the goods, you need to tell us within 7 days of receipt, subject to the warranty we give you. 


We own the goods until you have paid for them. However, the goods are delivered at your risk. Insurance can be arranged.

Intellectual Property:

If we sell goods to you, that does not give you any other rights to them. We work hard to produce contemporary designs and we will protect our Intellectual property.


This is an English law contract and any dispute shall be heard in the English Courts. This contract specifically excludes the rights of third parties.

Request a finishes guide

For garden professionals

Finishes Guide

Urbis will post you a set of concrete sample tiles of all of our different finishes to help with your design decisions. Please fill in your details below.


    Urbis Design Delivery Information

    We use an external company to deliver our planters. We will contact you to arrange a delivery date and the day before delivery we will provide you with an eta for the following day. On this agreed date they will deliver to your curbside address and you must ensure there are sufficient people available to accept delivery and to offload the planters.

    If we cannot supply the goods due to an act outside of our control we will let you know and a suitable redelivery date will be arranged.

    If there is no one available to offload, the planters will be taken away and another date will need to be arranged – there will be a redelivery charge for this.

    We do not provide an installation service. There will be one delivery driver, if you would like a quote for two delivery people you must request this at the time of ordering to enable a quote to be obtained.

    Please check the goods when they arrive and ensure they match your order. If any items are missing or damaged you must notify us at the time we deliver. We cannot accept mistakes notified at a later date.

    Once we have delivered the goods to you, you will have deemed to have accepted them, if there are any problems with the goods you need to tell us within 7 days of receipt.

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